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Stage Lighting Trends | Columns
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Stage Lighting Trends | Columns

Industry Information
2018/06/20 15:49
Stage lighting is an important part of stage art and people have been pursuing a variety of lighting to achieve the desired artistic effect.
Stage lighting is an important part of stage art and people have been pursuing a variety of lighting to achieve the desired artistic effect. Therefore, the selection and configuration of stage lighting is especially important. In the past, not only was there a wide variety of lamp configurations, but also the power, luminous efficiency, and functionality were simple. 
In recent years, under the background of huge market demand and continuous improvement in the research and development level of lighting companies, domestic lighting companies have also made considerable progress and progress, whether in terms of the functions, effects and quality of lamps, or in product design, new Technology applications and energy conservation are gradually approaching or surpassing foreign brands. With the progress of the times and the development of science and technology, the development of stage lighting will have the following trends:
1, the total power of the lamp will drop
Under the premise of satisfying the application requirements, the total power of the lamps will be reduced as much as possible. This not only saves energy, reduces the cost of cables and construction, but more importantly avoids various safety problems caused by excessive power.
2, the luminous efficacy of the lamps will be higher
Luminous efficiency depends on two factors, one is the light source, the new light source due to the use of advanced technology and technology, its own luminous efficiency is high; the second is hardware and software design, use of high-quality accessories and reasonable software design will make Electrical, electronic and other parts consume less power, which improves the efficiency of the lamps.
3, the function of lamps will be more fully developed
In the past, lamps had a single function. In the same studio, more lamps needed to be deployed, which not only resulted in large investment, but also increased difficulty in construction and higher maintenance costs. If a more functional product is used, the aforementioned problems are solved.
4, the lighting is more intelligent
Real-time monitoring of temperature, timely understanding of the temperature inside the lamp; under the premise of ensuring heat dissipation, reducing noise; multiple safety protection, built-in temperature switch, temperature sensor, wind speed detection, electronic ballast working status detection, etc., to ensure the use of safety; Light automatically reduces power, low temperature, accessories are not easy to aging, more durable.
5, lamps are more humane
Development of friendly human-machine interface, intuitive and simple menu, more operability; touch screen and buttons can be used at the same time, quick operation; built-in lithium battery, when not powered on, you can also set the address code and other parameters; lighter weight, Easy to handle and safer to build; it can be upgraded directly through cassettes, cable stands, etc.
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